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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services


  • Pool Leak Detection 300.00
  • Pool and spa leak detection 350.00
  • Care taker leak detection 150.00
  • Emergency Hurricane clean-up 100.00
  • Acid wash
  • Military 


Our Services

Our Services

Imagine of a pool with 3 pumps and a cartridge filter

1. Is your pool draining more the 2 inches a week?

if so check around pump area to make sure there are no signs of a leak. Don’t leave a garden hose in pool not connected, this could siphon water. Do you have water coming out of your backwash hose. Try a bucket test to varify a leak. Simply go to U-Tube for bucket test video. 

2. Do you have unexpected water around your pool?

This could be a sign of a underground leak. 

3. Does your pool lose water with pump on or off. 

This is a good way to test if you have a leak in the pool itself or in the lines or pump area.